Book with our wrangler and pack string to get in and 

out of the mountains, any time, any place.

Costs vary depending on you trip. Some things to consider are:

  1. Driving distance from Telluride to trail head

  2. Riding/packing distance from trail head

  3. Will it be a drop camp?

  4. Is it game? If so, will it be field dressed/quartered and ready to be packed?

  5. Are saddle horses required for anyone riding in/out

Our min. cost one way is $500.00

This includes:

For Hunters: A wrangler and two pack horses to pack out                          quartered, bagged up game, ready                                          for transport at a horse accessible location.

For Camps: A Wrangler and two pack horses to pack in a                         camp one way, one trip, and drop                                           off on location. 

For Trail Crews: A wrangler and two pack horses to pack                               in tools one way, one trip and drop off                                   on location. 


All options are priced with a 10 mile radius from Placerville, CO in mind. Additional horses, wranglers, drive time miles as well as backcountry miles, and pack trips in and out are additional costs based on travel time.


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